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As a result of the rapid spread of the corona virus, the hashtags #stayathome and #stayhome have developed into a worldwide appeal on social networks. Users choose these or similar terms to ask their fellow men and women not to leave their homes if possible, to prevent or at least delay an unchecked progression of the infection. In order to fight the epidemic, but also simply due to the fact that almost all leisure, cultural and sports facilities are closed down, a large part of the population follows the call of #stayathome.


For many people, staying at home for days or even weeks is an unusual situation. Apparently all of a sudden, people are faced with the need to find leisure opportunities within their own four walls. Today’s digital possibilities play an important role here, on the one hand to maintain contact with the outside world, but also for inner distraction.

It is, in fact, this situation of man between his virtual and his physical interior that gave the impulse for the video exhibition #stayathome on the Museum Villa Rot website. The videos of the eleven artists chosen for the show focus on both the influence of digital things on man’s perception of the world and artists’ views of the dimensions of the inside of man.

The viewer will see short clips that refer to specific, perhaps at first glance, everyday appearances, as well as longer film-like works. Experimental and elaborately staged videos meet here and offer virtual visitors to the exhibition a fascinating tour through a variety of artistic visual languages. With this project, Museum Villa Rot wants to show that art is not necessarily tied to a physical place, while at the same time giving its audience the opportunity to experience exciting works of art for a while without having to leave the house. So #stayathome and #enjoy!