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Forms of Nature: Pure Nature Art

4 March – 3 June 2018

Beautifully grained pebbles, finely branched plant stalks, heavy tree barks: The multifaceted forms of organic material have always been interesting for many artists. They use the manifold appearances of nature and its organic processes as a source of inspiration. The exhibition “Forms of Nature” brings together around 50 works by ten international artists who draw their ideas, concepts and material directly from nature.

+ Maximilian Prüfer

4 March – 3 June 2018

In our Kunsthalle we present a solo exhibition with works by Maximilian Prüfer. Starting point for Prüfer’s works is his interest in visualising scientific knowledge about phenomena of our world. With his so-called “Naturantypien” he translates e.g. the wing beats of moths, the movements of ants or the patterns of flowing water into highly aesthetic works of art, thus making complex scientific circumstances visually comprehensible. At the center of the exhibition lies Prüfer’s interrogation of naturally occurring interference colours, which can be found, for example, in the wings of butterflies.

New Worlds: Art between Museum and Laboratory

24 June – 3 October 2018

Bubbling test tubes, microscopic structures within our bodies, petri dishes with new substances… many contemporary artists are fascinated by scientific practices, their aesthetics and their desire to explore the undiscovered mysteries of our world. With their works, the artists build bridges between two, seemingly separated areas: museum and laboratory. By doing that, they discuss important issues of our time, e.g. the existential basic conditions of our world on the one hand, and on the other hand future prospects for humans and their environment.

+ Eckart Hahn

24 June – 3 October 2018

Parallel to the group exhibition „New Worlds“, we present a solo exhibition with works by Eckart Hahn. In his surrealistic paintings, the artist combines objects, animals and testimonies of human work to irritating compositions. Logic, reality and reason are not valid principles in Hahn’s pictorial cosmos, but are suspended in order to create impressive allegories for the problems of our time. However, Hahn’s paintings and sculptures do not reveal their secrets instantaneously. Instead, they invite the spectator to discover their hidden socio-political claims and comments on current issues.

Salon de Rot

11 October – 14 October 2018

For the third time by now, Museum Villa Rot has invited selected, supraregionally operating galleries to Burgrieden-Rot for a unique art fair in a beautiful, rural setting. The participating galleries from four countries will present their programs and their artists in the intimate exhibition spaces of the old mansion. For four days, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of contemporary art, to swap ideas with gallery owners and artists, and maybe even acquire new works for their own collections. The Salon de Rot takes place in remembrance of our museum-founder Hermann Hoenes (1900 – 1978), a passionate art lover.