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7th Roter Kunstsalon

October 13 – 16, 2022

Once a year – always in mid-October – for four days, the Museum Villa Rot turns into a place of highly vibrant and vivid events around contemporary art: this is during the Roter Kunstsalon, a very fine small art fair! In the seven years of its existence, the Roter Kunstsalon, with its diverse range of art of various genres, has established itself as an attractive magnet for renowned galleries, experienced art collectors and art lovers. Twelve art galleries – four new ones this year, in addition to those already known to our visitors from previous years – and the artists they represent, will show excerpts from their programs. The Museum Villa Rot team as the organizers of the fair are grateful to be in such demand among exhibitors that they can present their audience a varied offer every year. Insiders have especially appreciated the intimate atmosphere and the wide range of art on offer, from affordable to high-caliber.

For the gourmets among visitors there is a special offer: After a champagne reception and a tour of the trade fair, they can enjoy a kitchen party at Hotel Oberschwäbischer Hof in Schwendi with the finest food and drinks, accompanied by live jazz music. This event is offered on Friday or Saturday evening and can be booked through the Museum Villa Rot.

Memory Matter. The Relationship Between Objects and Our Self

November 06 2022 – February 12  2023

Whether a shell from the last summer holiday or grandmother’s cooking spoon: things make us remember. But why do we actually use objects to remember? What happens to them when we forget? And how do memories transform when things no longer exist? The exhibition „Memory Matter“ and the presented artworks explore these questions and let us remember, imagine, and marvel.


What a thing! An artist provides insights into his private collection!

06 November 2022 – 12 February 2023
Isn’t that a thing, when an artist gives insight into what kind of art he collects himself?
Academically trained, for decades present with his works in the art market, in demand and appreciated, permanently driven by the fascination of using basic materials for artistic design completely contrary to their original „purpose“ and letting them unfold completely unexpected effects, despite all success always modestly „remaining on the ground“ – this is how one could compactly describe what characterizes the painter and sculptor Willi Siber!
His attitudes to life, to art, to the art market, … – can we read them from what the artist himself collects? This is indeed an exciting question! Exhibition visitors may form their own individual picture here!