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A Tribute to…
from 3 March 2019

Young artists have always been fascinated by iconic paintings and sculptures from art history. They used to copy them in order to improve their own artistic skills and to acknowledge their idols’ mastery. The exhibition “A Tribute to…” wants to show how the ways of copying and citing classical artworks changed and with which means, questions and technical solutions contemporary art reacts to works by famous artists, such as Caspar David Friedrich, Claude Monet or Leonardo da Vinci.

+ Pirating Presence
from 3 March 2019

While the exhibition „A Tribute to…” focuses references to classical art history, the show „Pirating Presence“ in the Kunsthalle how the internet changed the means of art production. The artists Margret Eicher, Adi Hoesle, Isabel Kerkermeier, Stefan Römer, Heidi Sill, Susanne Wehr and Toni Wirthmüller have joined together in a group to investigate these issues.