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Magic and Ritual ¬
4 November – 10 February 2018

Magic and Ritual ¬

Contemporary Western societies strive for rationality, pragmatism and prosperity. Our standard of living is higher than ever. Despite this situation, there seems to be a new, strong interest in magical and occult topics. Today’s pop culture shows an intense quest for powers, energies and potential beyond the visible and the factual. In fact, this aspiration has become a lucrative business.

In general, the term “magic” describes actions and behaviors that are believed to create contact with an invisible space outside of our everyday realm. These actions are usually associated with an intrinsic human desire to make use of the supernatural powers suggested in this context. However, magic is not a stable, eternal concept. It is fluent and has the ability to respond quickly to fears, worries and hopes of a culture. Every epoch and every culture develops different concepts of magic.

With works by 19 artists and artist couples from nine nations, the exhibition traces the fascination of magical acts and practices from today’s perspective. Unlike before, neither defense against mischief nor clairvoyance are in focus. Rather, self-optimization and healing are recurring themes in the works presented. Ritual takes a central position in this context. The processual character of its magical gestures and choreographies, as well as the importance of specific cult objects for ritual practices, reveal contemporary need for physical, often communal experiences in an increasingly digitalized world.

Parallel to this show, Museum Villa Rot presents a one-artist-show with works by Munich artist Benedikt Hipp.
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With works by:

Maria José Arjona / Roger Aupperle / Anna und Bernhard Blume / Böhler & Orendt + Felix Burger / Marjolijn Dijkman / Brad Downey / Lili Fischer / Mathilde ter Heijne / Andriy Hir / Bianca Patricia Isensee / Jürgen Klauke / Hartmut Landauer / Nikolai Nekh / Antonio Paucar / Jan Hendrik Pelz & Johanna Mangold mit Jonathan Meese / Gabriela Oberkofler / Helga Schmidhuber / Jeremy Shaw / Maria Volokhova

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