Möchten Sie den Rundgang wirklich beenden?
+ Eckart Hahn
June 24 – October 3 2018
+ Eckart Hahn
In its modern exhibition hall Museum Villa Rot presents a solo show of works by Eckard Hahn. The artist was born in 1971 and lives and works in Reutlingen. In his photo-realistic paintings and sculptures, Hahn creates subtle, enigmatic visual worlds combining motives of ordinary objects, animals and testimonies of cultural production to stage-like compositions that elude one-sided interpretations.

But how shall one read paintings that show e.g. a tiger that seems to be made of paper, or a black panther with a swan tied to its back, or an eagle whose head has been wrapped with a red rope? Logic, reality and reason are principles not valid in Hahn’s pictorial cosmos. As a painter, he is free to design irritating worlds with tension-filled scenes, inviting the viewer to an intense dialogue and challenging him/her to decode his images individually. In many of the paintings one can find references and statements on current social issues and problems, but also on human needs and fears. However, criticism in Hahn’s „intuitive state reports“, as the artist calls his works, avoids the wagging finger, but rather calls upon the beholder’s emotions and conscience.



AES+F VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2018

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