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Pure Nature Art ¬
March 4 – June 3 2018

Pure Nature Art ¬

Nature’s manifold appearances and impressive processes have always fascinated artists. From grains of small pebbles over gently branched plant stalks to heavy tree barks, the almost endless multitude of forms and colours offers artists a multifaceted source of material and ideas. The exhibition “Forms in Nature” brings together around 50 works by twelve artists, who draw their ideas and concepts from their natural surroundings. Some of the exhibited works sharpen the visitors’ awareness for the beauty of seemingly worthless materials; others try to make complex structures and processes visible. Among the exhibited works are also some that make use of organic substances to comment social or art-historical issues. Together the works demonstrate different possibilities of contemporary interpretation of nature.

Mirko Baselgia / Björn Drenkwitz / Werner Henkel / Marc Héron / Bethan Huws / Christiane Löhr / Alastair Mackie / David Nash / Regine Ramseier / Julia Schmölzer / Charlotte Vögele


AES+F VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2018

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