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High End¬
18 July – 3 October 2021

High End. Sculpture Today ¬

18 July – 3 October 2021
When one hears the job title „sculptor,“ most people probably think of a person who works a piece of wood or a block of marble with a hammer, chisel, saw or sandpaper.

In their search for suitable forms of expression, however, artists in the recent decades have increasingly made use of new materials and means of production, including some of industrial manufacturing. The artists‘ openness towards techniques such as 3D printing, high-gloss coating, water jet or laser cutting also has a crucial effect on the appearance of sculptural works. Instead of showing traces of manual processing, they come up with flawless, glossy surfaces and perfect forms.


The exhibition at Villa Rot brings together works by eleven artists. Each of them has his or her own approach towards the topics discussed above. For some, the visual resemblance to industrial design is merely due to similar procedures. Others, however, deliberately play with with the aesthetics of our world of goods and consumption. Whether it is cars, smartphones or other digital devices, the days when machines were ponderous, noisy tools are long gone. The boundaries between object, device, machine, apparatus, module and body have become more and more fluid.

With the works on display, Villa Rot provides an insight into the multifaceted world of current artistic practice and illustrates how the artists succeed in sharpening our view of contemporary aesthetics.

With works by

Katharina Beilstein / Lukas Hoffmann / Adrian Kiss / Jens Kothe / Oliver Laric / Sophia Mainka / Nicolas Pelzer / Ivo Rick / Andreas Schmitten / Willi Siber / Stefan Wissel

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