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Magnus Thierfelder ¬
2.April - 2.July 2017

Magnus Thierfelder ¬

Parallel to the group-show „The Secret Life of Things“ the Museum Villa Rot shows the first one-artist-show with works by Swedish artist Magnus Thierfelder in Germany.

Thierfelder‘s work is characterised by his interest in ordinary things, which usually do not receive much attention. With these simple objects, such as a pair of shoes, nails, a metal tube or other found materials, he creates subtle installations, sculptures or videos. Some of his works strike the audience by their intrinsic sense of humour, which Thierfelder achieves by minimal shifts in the context of the everyday objects or by reducing their original functioning to absurdity. Although humour is an important feature, the absurd is rather a strategy to sharpen our awareness for the greatness and beauty of the ordinary and seemingly trivial.