Möchten Sie den Rundgang wirklich beenden?
Offers ¬
for Younger and Older

Kindergarten ¬

Kindergarten groups are invited to pick up the Red Ghost puppet, the red beanbags with the museum box, which contains a small treasure for every child and experience the Museum together. In association to the finds in the red box the children invent their own museum stories. Here the personal experience and the own imagination take center stage. In addition there is a reading story for the little ones. It competes the exhibition visit. Upon request we provide the kindergarten groups blank sketches to color the Red Ghost. By appointment we also offer age-specific guided tours for kindergarten groups – with supplementary workshop.

School ¬

For each exhibition we offer appropriate study materials and teaching tips. The documents can be individually printed and are suitable for an independent museum visit with pupils and groups. An introduction to the current exhibition can be found here .

By appointment guided tours for groups and school classes are available anytime. According to requirements additional workshops can also be booked.

Moreover the Museum Villa Rot with its marvelous park is an ideal location  for an all-day school trip.


Inclusion ¬

The opening of the museum for people with disabilities is our particular concern. In cooperation with the Foundation for the Physically Disabled Centre Oberschwaben (KBZO) and catholic kindergarten St. Alban in Burgrieden the Museum Villa Rot has launched the inclusive on-site model Kindergarten-School-Museum. For each exhibition, the project group develops an inclusion program.

By appointment guided tours for groups and school classes can be booked anytime.

This educational partnership is sponsored by the Rotary Club Biberach Weißer Turm.