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Educational Service¬
for Groups and Families

Educational Responsibility ¬

The Museum Villa Rot presents current positions and tendencies in contemporary art and recognizes the exhibition space as a venue of cultural identity and education experience. The educational facilities and the framework program support a sustainable impression of the experienced across the various forms of art. Thus, the accompanying program is tailored to the particular exhibition contents. Specific exhibition and multimedia guides, workbooks, catalogs and a comprehensive program of events including lectures, workshops, excursions, and film screenings provide a variety of offerings for the individual and informative museum visit.

The atmosphere of the historic, heritage-listed property in relation to the presentation of contemporary art takes center stage in the educational program. In addition, the Museum Villa Rot in art education addresses four target groups: children, youth and families, and people with disabilities.

Apart from a media guide system and the general public tours, which constitute a significant part of the educational service, special events allow an intensive approach and examination of the exhibition contents.

The Red Ghost ¬

The Red Ghost is the specially developed sympathy and identification figure for children. With his endearing character, the Red Ghost is a friend of all children, and also the children’s expert of the Museum. As a puppet it accompanies the young visitors during the children’s vernissage or the guided tours for children.  As a voice in the radio play which is newly written for each exhibition topic it guides through the exhibition in an appropriate age-absed way.

The Coloring Book ¬

A coloring book is available at the museum shop. It invites the youngest visitors to deal with the Red Ghose in drawing and painting.

The coloring book for children is available here as PDF download.

The Digital Children's Catalog ¬

As a counterpart to the exhibition catalog for adults the educational team of the Museum Villa Rot creates for each exhibition a digital children’s catalog. It is available online at the museum tablets or for private download. The publication, which addresses primarily to children aged between 8 and 12 years, is well suited for the individual tour as a family. It can also be used as a preliminary or a supplement for visits with primary school classes. Together with the Red Ghost, it gives children in a clear and comprehensible manner an understanding of the exhibition contents.

Download the digital children’s catalog here

The Children's Media Guide ¬

For each exhibition, we also offer a multimedia children’s guide.
In our popular radio play the Red Ghost takes the little ones on a journey of discovery through the current exhibition. The fun factor is high, the fan base is growing!
The older can follow Lisa and Felix. With their camera they are close on the heels of the artists and artworks. Their video impressions offer a very close look at the daily routine in the museum backstage. Have fun!
Hear the voice of the Red Ghost that accompanies the children through the exhibitions.
Museum backstage: Secretly Lisa and Felix observed the setup of the current exhibition with their camera.

The Postcards Carousel ¬

In the basement of the Museum Villa Rot in close proximity to the Museum Café is located our postcards carousel. All visitors, young and old, are invited to fill blank postcards with personal impressions, ideas and thoughts.

The Red Site Caravan ¬

In the park of the Museum Villa Rot a Red Site Caravan is located as a special venue for young visitors. According to requirements also the park is included as a place to explore the exhibition contents.

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