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In Splendour Bright is Rising Now ¬
20/11/16 - 20/02/17

The Moon in the Art ¬

The moon exerts an everlasting fascination for mankind. Over the centuries it is a popular recurring motif in the visual arts. From Michelangelo Buonarroti and Albrecht Dürer to Edouard Manet or Andy Warhol – always the moon was studied and analyzed, painted, portrayed and modeled. During the Middle Ages the moon achieved an emblematic meaning of the Immaculate Conception of the Mother of God. In the romanticism the celestial body appears as a popular stylistic element that reflected the mood of this era and its desire for deeper introspection. In the mysterious night, which showed the man his lost in the vastness of nature, the moon with its magical glow represented a liberating symbol of hope.

350 years after Galileo Galilei first had pointed his telescope at the moon, Neil Armstrong landed in 1969 on the celestial body. The emerge of crewed spaceflight opened a new chapter in the perception of the moon and the universe. This also has changed the artistic presentation and view. In a time in which we conquer and use the outer space as a matter of course, artists also watch the sky and look into this elusive sphere. The human conflict between down-to-earth relatedness and self-knowledge on one hand and the magic desire for distant worlds, for looking into the space and for one’s belonging to the macrocosm, on the other hand, plays a crucial role in the current artistic discussion. So this exhibition brings together artistic works of photography, drawing, painting, video and installation, which deal with the cosmic phenomenon of the moon and its aesthetic representation, which revitalize its mystery and moreover which deal with the speculative question of extraterrestrial life in the vastness of the cosmos.

In their works the selected artists reflect the traditional human dream of understanding the space. They show interpretations of the first moon landing in 1969 and pictorial reactions to the stunning scientific image-repertoire of the moon. They demonstrate the inability to make the mysteries of the cosmos ever fully visible. They deal with the phenomenon of UFOs and they deduce a mystical moment in observing the sky which is contrary to  the matter-of-fact scientific research.

For the first time we present to the public the world’s most exact scale model of the moon. With a diameter of 3.50m the model, which was developed in five years of work from precise data by NASA, shows an exact relief of the surface oft he moon. Placed in the Kunsthalle it gives an idea of the forces of nature and the men’s walk-on in universe.

: With works from

Cortis & Sonderegger / Johannes Gehrke / Romain Finke / Susan Hiller / Oleg Kauz / Zilla Leutenegger / Robert Longo / Agnes Meyer-Brandis / Frank J. Schäpel / Ai Weiwei & Olafur Eliasson / Piet Wessing