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Inflammable Matter
Wax in Art

Inflammable Matter – Wax in Art

Wax – one of the first sculptural materials  – can be shaped manually, melt, fount, mixed or paint and changed again and again. Since ancient times, wax was used as a noble and variable artistic material. On his way to the present day it became a marginal medium which since Classicism was only used for figurative models, as well as material of folk art and crafts.

After a few singular experiments the artists since the end of the 20th century deal more and more with wax. In search for new means of expression and for over-come formal and substantive limits, they test its seductive and sensitive charms. But at the same time the use of wax needs caution because its tempo-rary quality, its unstable physical properties and its possible change of state means latent threat: wax breaks easily, it melts in the heat and attracts dust.

The exhibition shows contemporary positions, which appear as sculptural wall piec-es, freestanding sculptures and extensive room installations. It thematizes the nu-merous scopes of application and the cross-cultural interest in the material wax. From encaustic, which experienced one of the oldest techniques of painting and flourished in the Greco-Roman antiquity, to the development of free associative forms, interactive installations and Process Art the exhibits offer a versatile insight  into the artistic use of materials and its substantive meaning.

Participating Artists

Martin Assig (Germany)
Bim Köhler (Germany)
Anne Schneider (Austria)
H. N. Semjon (Germany)
Gil Shachar (Israel/Germany)
Pia Stadtbäumer (Germany)
Rebecca Stevenson (Great Britain)
Martin Walde (Austria)
Shira Zelwer (Israel)

There is a bilingual catalogue available  (Hardcover, german/englisch, 80 pages).

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