Möchten Sie den Rundgang wirklich beenden?
In the contre-jour
Sihouette and shadowgraph

In the contre-jour – Sihouette and shadowgraph

: In the international contemporary art it is observable since several years that there is an increasing interest in dealing with papercuts and shadowgraphs. More and more frequently appeared the phenomenon of the back-lit figure, the silhouette and the contre-jour in image, object and installation. The established art scene seems not to have any fear of contact with a medium that is ascribed to folk art.

This way, the new examination with the contre-jour offers the occasion and the starting point for an exhibition which puts a borderland of art to the centre of focus. It presents positions of international artists who interpret papercuts and shadowgraphs in a contemporary manner and thereby give them a new form of expression.

The exhibition draws at the same time a cultural-historical bow: It presents insights into the traditional European and Chinese cut-art of previous centuries.

Participating Artists

Gabriele Basch
Ian Burns
Felix Droese
Annatina Graf
Nan Hoover
Hans Kupelwieser
Philip Loersch
Stefan Saffer
Annette Schröter
Yuken Teruya
Ueli Hofer
Ernst Oppliger
Anne Rosat