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At Every Turn
Shoes in Art and Design

At Every Turn – Shoes in Art and Design
27/10/13 – 16/02/14

Whether sneaker with synthetic fiber shank, whether glued high-heels with sequins, whether welted Western Boots or vulcanized shoes for children: In addition to a purely protective and fashion function shoes equally carry identity, socio-economic status, group membership or personality of the wearer. But they also hold a creative potential. In the hands of artists, architects and designers the fashionable everyday object turns into spectacular and unique autonomous sculpture.
The trend for extravagant design creation has captured not only the shoe industry in the recent years. Frequently, international artists, architects and artists are inspired by the social and aesthetic aspects of the shoe. Between design and shape fantasy, mass consumption and erotic their objects, installations and video works open up a new perspective on the reality of the footwear.

The exhibition at the Museum Villa Rot presents an amazing topic: About 130 fascinating and bizarre design objects show shoes as architectures, socially critical opinions, physiological absurdities and objects that are not recognizable as footwear at first glance. At the same time the crossover with contemporary artistic positions grants a variety of formal aesthetic and cultural references.

Whether wearabale or unwearable: As an art object, as social criticism, as an ecological solution or as fetish, made out of high-tech and natural materials, wood, ceramics, glass, paper, leather or fabric, the shoe acquires an autonomous artistic statement beyond everyday use.

The exhibition at the Museum Villa Rot was developed in collaboration with Liza Snook (www.virtualshoemuseum.com, The Hague) and the GRASSI Museum for Applied Arts (Leipzig).

The following artists, architects and designers are already chosen and invited to take part in the exhibition:
Mihai Albu  |  Sol Alonso  |  Irene Andessner  |  Shani Bar  |  Rielle Beekmans  |  Aart van Beezooyen  |  Marloes ten Bhömer  |  Götz Bury  |  May Y. Cheung Hoffman  |  Simsa Cho  |  Aki Choklat  |  Willie Cole  |  Pol Engels  |  Fantich & Young  |  Alexander Fielden  |  Silvie Fleury  |  Sakir Gökcebag  |  Tabitha Gwyn Osler  |  Zaha Hadid  |  Julian Hakes  |  Chau Har Lee  |  Ivo Hofsté  |  Daisuke Horie  |  Marita Huuri-nainen  |  INSA  |  Peter Jakubik  |  Jan Jansen  |  Kaarina Kaikkonen  | Lauren Johnstone  |  Nici Jost  |  Kei Kagami  |  Dora Kloppenburg  |  Kuula & Jylhä |  Maskull Lasserre  |  |  Kobi Levi  |  Sahil Lungani  |  Eelko Moorer  |  United Nude  |  Marie Oka  |  Olek  |  Yu Otaki  |  Omar Angel Perez  |  Tea Petrovic |  Peter Popps  |  Marieka Ratsma  |  Pablo Reinoso  |  Winde Rienstra  |  Svenja Ritter  |  Manami Sato  |  Elena Savchenko  |  Iris Schieferstein  |  Paul Schietekat  |  Deborah Sengl  |  Shoise  |  Ivanka Ska  | Jared Steffensen  |  Gianluca Tamburini | Bruno Tansens  |  Lauren Tennebaum  |  Yukiko Terada  |  Stuart Thom  |  Tetsuya Uenobe  | Federico Uribe  |  Jozefien Vandermarliere  |  Anna Vasof  |  Nick Veasey  |  Ilya Visser  |  Julius Welby  |  Lie van der Werff  |  Souzan Youssouf & Naim Josefi  |  Erwina Ziomkowska

An accompanying catalogue for the exhibition was published.