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Red Hot
Ceramics in Contemporary Art

Red Hot – Ceramics in Contemporary Art

Since the beginning of the modern age, the hierarchies and limits of the art genres are dissolved. Today, every field of human creativity becomes a playing field for art. Since 2008, the Museum Villa Rot applies itself to an exhibition series of contemporary reception of historical folk arts and the renewal of traditional techniques on the interface of applied and liberal arts. Within this series, the exhibition “Feuer und Flamme” is considered with the newly awakened interest in the work in pug and the manufacturing of ceramics which belongs to the oldest cultural techniques of humanity.

Ceramics is for the applied art an ancient material and familiar terrain. On its way into the present it became a marginal, excluded medium. At the same time it was used repeatedly by artists – in search of an artistic renewal – as a strategic material for the overcoming of contentual and formal limits. Since the modern age, it appears that the base material clay functions as an archaic cultural storage and increases cultural absorptions.

The exhibition goes much further than the traditional appreciation of ceramics: It shows contemporary positions which are presented as sculptural wall art, free-standing sculptures and extended room installations. And it addresses the cross-cultural interest in the material pug.

Participating Artists

Richard Deacon (England)
Anke Eilergerhard (Germany)
Louise Hindsgavl (Denmark)
Leiko Ikemura (Japan)
Uwe Karlsen (Germany)
Markus Karstieß (Germany)
Otto Piene (Germany)
Edith Plattner (Italy)
Norbert Prangenberg (Germany)
Thomas Schütte (Germany)
Ai Weiwei (China)
Anne Wenzel (Netherlands)

There will be a bilingual catalogue for the exhibition (Hardcover, German/ English, 96 pages).