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Ralph Künzler
Considerations are a Matter of Opinion

Ralph Künzler – Considerations are a Matter of Opinion
30/03/ – 22/06/14

He has the sixth sense for the thin line between art, everyday life and life style. His artistic cosmos draws form, content and concept from the world of industry and advertising design. Ralph Künzler uses utilitarian objects and tools of our everyday activities, household goods and electrical equipment, storage utensils, clothes and furniture, logos, patent numbers and brand labels as motivic reservoir and source of inspiration for developing his quirky objects and collages.

The encounter with Ralph Künzler’s work gives pleasure. It crystallizes longings, desires, standards and stereotypes in countless references, metaphorical cross-references and smooth transitions between ready-made, Bauhaus and Dada. As an engineer of bizarre world versions he does not hesitate to complement the cabinet of curiosities of his australia online pokies seductive irritating designs with other rarities from society and the production of goods. Ralph Künzler ironically reinterprets the fetishization of consumer goods. He designed a set of interactive robots, a knitwear collection of tank tops, bobble hats, hot pants and suspenders, a company logo, a library and a new party with matching donations book.

Ralph Künzler disassembles und assembles. With the discovery, detection and invention of ambivalent stories and with the skillful handling of linguistic meaning diversity Ralph Künzler develops a new cosmos of useless necessities. The Museum Villa Rot presents his first retrospective solo exhibition. It is complemented by new site-specific works that respond to the exhibition house and its history.

: The exhibition folder can be downloaded here.