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In the Mirror of Memory
One Hundred Years Villa Rot

In the Mirror of Memory – One Hundred Years Villa Rot

This year, the Museum Villa Rot celebrates its 20th anniversary and illuminates in the jubilee exhibition the one hundred years old history of the house and of the residents. On a hill, overlooking a valley of the Rot, the Villa Rot was built in 1912 by Raymund von Fugger (1870 – 1949) who is a descendant of a branch line of the Fugger of Augsburg. The architect Balthasar von Hornstein-Grüningen (1873 – 1920) included the already existing old tree population into the plans for the park and created a country house with a pluralism of styles, containing baroque, classical and art nouveau elements.

Alexandra von Hornstein (1903 – 1932), who comes from the neighbouring castle Orsenhausen, purchased the estate in 1925 and inhabited it together with her school friend Feodora Christ (1903 – 1983) until her suicide. In 1933, Feodora Christ accepted the rich inheritance of Alexandra von Hornstein and married Hermann Hoenes (1900 – 1978), a musician and conductor. In the following decades, they inhabited the house and the park, and made the Villa after 1945, hardly noticed from outside, to a quiet place of music and art. The collection set up by the couple, mainly existing of sculptures, porcelain and art from Asia and Europe, emerged in the 30 years of Hermann Hoenes excitement for Asian art at a time when a narrowed perspective only allowed national art works and also when his international career as a musician came to a sudden stop through the National Socialists.

Original furnishings and art pieces, letters and handwritings, photographs, films and other contemporary documents from the lives of Alexandra von Hornstein, Feodora und Hermann Hoenes serve as base material of a biographical search for traces. Two contemporary artists, Annatina Graf and Nataly Hocke, were invited and who present the history of the Villa Rot vividly with audio-visual interventions.


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