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In Full

In Full Blossom

: 14 artists from Australia, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands and the Swiss present different positions from the fields of painting, statuary, installation, photography and video. You can find pictures for the sensual tangible world of flowers and blossoms. They are concerned with nostalgic motives of desires, ornamental growth form and phenomenon of the botanical migration. They query the character of representation and the Vanitas-Allegory of classical still life arrangements. And they show aspects of a digital pictorial art in which the virtual designed plants become a symbol of the existence of a medial parallel universe and the progressing heteronomy of a genetically modified reality.

The cross-cultural theme of the exhibition seems to be perfectly designed for the Museum Villa Rot. On the one hand, it refers to an intimate and atmospheric unique place of the historical building and its surrounding park. On the other hand, it vouches for the programmatic continuance of the museum as an encounter of the cultures.

Participating Artists

Nobuyoshi Araki (Japan)
Karl Blossfeld (Deutschland)
Yoon-Kung Cho (Korea)
Maurice Ducret (Schweiz)
Kirsten Geisler (Niederlande)
Ruth Handschin (Schweiz)
Volker Leyendecker (Deutschland)
Tim Maguire (Australien)
Michael Munding (Deutschland)
Luzia Simons (Brasilien)
Annelies Štrba (Schweiz)
Yoshihiro Suda (Japan)
Susanna Taras (Deutschland)
Arnold von Wedemeyer (Deutschland)