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Hunters and Hunted
Insects in Contemporary Art

Hunters and Hunted – Insects in Contemporary Art

Until today, the secrets and mysteries of nature fascinates the humans steadily. Artists have always been concerned with the diversity of the appearance of the flora and fauna. Their works glorify, interpret, scrutinize and comment on every parts of nature which reveal in creation, fertility, beauty, mortality and death the contradictions of life.

The interest in the worlds of animals stays unbroken in contemporary art. In our media-coined information society and technological manipulated world, natural habitats became foreign to us. A conscious recollection is important to experience nature as an autonomous, consistent and at the same time threatened reality in a relentless flow of the electronical time in a new way. This recollection is among others accomplished by those contemporary artists who are concerned in their works with living beings which are often already revoked from our daily perception. This is why the exhibition is focused on the most species-rich class of animals: insects. Value and damage, curse and blessing determine since more than 3000 years the relationship between humans and insects. Little and annoying, but at the same time fascinating beautiful in diversity of colour and form, they cause till today most different reactions. In the exhibition selected international artistic positions show how different the interpretation and portrayal of insects in photography, painting, sculptures, video and installation can be.


Participating Artists

Jennifer Angus (USA)
Jana Eske (Germany)
Jan Fabre (Belgium)
Lili Fischer (Germany)
Tessa Farmer (Great Britain)
Kirsten Geisler (Germany)
Douglas Gordon (Great Britain)
Cornelia Hesse-Honegger (Swiss)
Sanna Kannisto (Finnland)
Katharina Meldner (Germany)
Lucy Powell (Great Britain)
Bärbel Rothhaar (Germany)
Günther & Loredana Selichar (Austria/Germany)
Polonca Lovsin (Slovenia)
Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau (Austria/France)
Eva Teppe (Germany)
Mark Thompson (USA)
Evgenija Wassilew (Germany)
Anna Werzowa (Austria)
Liao Wenfeng (China)


There will be a bilingual catalogue for the exhibition (Hardcover, German/ English, 96 pages).

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