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Historical and Contemporary Reverse Glass Painting

Highlights – Historical and Contemporary Reverse Glass Painting

Since the beginning of the modern age, the hierarchies and limits of the art genres are dissolved. Today, every field of human creativity becomes a playing field for art. Since 2008, the Museum Villa Rot applies itself to an exhibition series of contemporary reception of historical folk arts and the renewal of traditional techniques on the interface of applied and liberal arts.

Within the scope of this series, the exhibition is concerned with a newly awakened interest in glass and reverse glass painting. It shows historical and contemporary reverse glass painting and it also presents the culture of the overarching tradition of the reverse glass painting, shows historical examples from Europe and Asia, introduces contemporary positions of the reverse glass painting and draws a line to related forms of expression in installation and video art.

Participating Artists

Conrad Botes (South Africa)
Michael Burges (Germany)
Stephen Cone Weeks (Great Britain)
Jan Kummer (Germany)
Cornelia Renz (Germany)
Pipilotti Rist (Swiss)
Robert Schaberl (Austria)
Hugo Suter (Swiss)