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In Touch
Hair in Art and Culture

In Touch – Hair in Art and Culture

In every culture of the world, hairs have an important meaning. Their decorative and character functions serve as representation of gender, status and group membership. As an outer body feature, they are closely bound to the religious and socio-cultural fashion system, value system and system of norms. Hairs represent vigour and fertility. They show ideals of beauty, demonstrative protest and are used to transform the identity. Their look triggers feelings of disgust and prudency, fascination, desire and lust. The exhibition shows in touch the works of international artists who attend to hairs as decoration of the bodies, symbols and material in most different expressions and use. Which significance people of different cultures ascribe to their hairs, why the hair is shaved, covered or worn open, where the historical roots of handcrafted hair braiding works lie and why we keep curls of hair as memento – these are also issues that the exhibition covers.

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