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Edgar Ende
The Dreams Omnipotence

Edgar Ende – The Dreams Omnipotence

Twenty years after the last big solo exhibition about the working of Edgar Ende, the Museum Villa
Rot dedicates itself to this artist and his extraordinary ouvre in a great retrospective of rediscovery.
Edgar Ende (1901 – 1965), who has already shown his works in the USA before World War II, and
who was ostracised in National Socialism and later was shown two times on the Biennale in Venice,
ranks among the great German painters of the 20th century. He is classified as a leading exponent of
surrealism in Europe and still, today he is almost forgotten. His picturesque work which he made in
the years between 1920 and 1965 is hardly present. Edgar Ende’s metaphorical imagery, his
drawings, gouaches and oil paintings are stylistically and mentally close to the French surrealism and
the Pittura Metafisica. His metaphysical sceneries, apocalyptical visions and mythological shapes and
figures find their literary echo in the fantastic stories of his son Michael Ende. Today, in a time of
increasing alienation, it is observable in art that there is a recollection of the reservoir of the
unconscious. Dreamlike, visionary and surrealistic worlds of images found their ways into the
painting of the present. By this means the art of Edgar Ende seems at the beginning of the 21th
century more topical than ever.

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