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Kunst in Oberschwaben
1970 bis heute

Kunst in Oberschwaben ¬

13/27/ – 12/0/2014

Kunst in Oberschwaben

The art history of the 20th century is a history of subversion, of the desire for infiltration and dissolving prevailing systems and conditions. Particularly in the 1960s, art approached to life, committed to commercialization and socio-political issues. Art became uncomfortable and developed into a process that mobilizes the conscious reception and reaction of the audience as an integral part. Happening, performance, action and street art, conceptual art, minimal, Body and land art developed into new genres, proclaimed the liberation and emancipation of art from the privileged museum’s  room, rebelled against outdated  terms and meanings of art, made the idea itself a subject of art and provoked the break down of the traditional barriers between artist and audience, art and commerce. The art since the 1970s presents itself as an equal coexistence of different positions. The artistic field of activity has increasingly extended to areas such as design, media, advertising, architecture, film, theater, dance and music. In the 1990s, occurs the use of digital media and multimedia forms of representation. The interactive art redefines the role of the recipient: From a merely contemplative and reflective attitude he is put in an active position. The artwork is now „open“. The art is limitless also in Upper Swabia.

The exhibition at the Museum Villa Rot presents selected individual positions and contemporary artists associated with the region be it as a home, the adopted home or simply as a region of origin from which they have received pulses and in which they repeatedly return. Their installations, media- and conceptual works created mostly side-specifically for the exhibition project, reflect the broad field of tension between regionalism and internationalism, between local ties and openness to the world, roots and delimitation.

Participating artists:

Nandor Angstenberger / Oliver Braig / Eva Bredow & Renate Liebel / Johannes Brunner & Raimund Ritz / Volker Demuth / Konstantin Felker / Andrea Kernbach / Christiane Lehmann / Thomas Locher / Herbert Moser / Albrecht Schäfer / Birgit Spahlinger / Verena Waffek / Georg Winter

More information about the whole exhibition project you find under www.kunst-oberschwaben.de.


Erwachsene 6,00 €
StudentInnen, SeniorInnen, Schwäbische Zeitung AboKarte, Gruppen ab 10
Personen 4,00 € p.P.
SchülerInnen 1,50 €
Familien 10,00 €


Sa 14 – 17 Uhr I So u. Ft  11 – 17 Uhr
Café: Sa, So u Ft ab 14 Uhr
Geschlossen: Karfreitag, Heiligabend, 1. Weihnachtsfeiertag, Silvester
Für Gruppen und Schulklassen sind Führungen jederzeit auch außerhalb der Öffnungszeiten möglich.
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